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Breitbart claims that they are friends of the Jews. In reality they are not. Even if they avoid being too antisemitic they do often claim that ”Jews control everything”, they do talk about Jews as responsible for ”multiculturalism” and the ”muslim invasion”. And individual Jews like George Soros are smeared and demonized.

The myth that Jews are behind ”multiculturalism” and the alleged ”Muslim invasion” is one that Nazis and white supremacists have spread for decades. What is worrying is that Breitbart and its former head, Steve Bannon, agrees with this and Bannon is now the main advisor to President Donald Trump.

”The U.S Jews” are behind the ”Muslim invasion”, Steve Bannon claimed 2007. They are ”enablers”, that albeit with the “best intentions” are paving the way for those that wants to create “The Islamic States of America.” This was a view Bannon presented in a script for a film, that never was made.

“The Islamic States of America.” It would be comprised of interviews of people who, like Bannon, believe that the threat posed to the West is broader than Islamist extremist terrorists, embracing an array of Muslim advocacy groups. It describes as “enablers among us” – albeit with the “best intentions” — major media outlets, the CIA and FBI, civil liberties groups, “universities and the left” and the “American Jewish Community. It also describes “front groups and disingenuous Muslim Americans who preach reconciliation and dialogue in the open but, behind the scenes, advocate hatred and contempt for the West.” (Source)

Jews behind ”Muslim invasion”

This concept of ”enablers” is one that Bannon shares with the nazis. It actually originates from nazis and antisemites. The first time ever I heard these allegations was when visiting the USA in 1992. The now defuct Liberty Lobby and Willis Carto spread these lies.

I am from Sweden. Here the Nazis have published a book: ”Hur Sverige blev Mångkulturellt” (How Sweden became multicultural). In it they claim that the Swedish Jews created multiculturalism and opened the door for Muslims to migrate to Sweden. In all countries they have published similar books and articles. The Danish Nazis claim that Danish Jews are behind the immigration of Muslims. In Great Britain they talk about the conspiracy of the British Jews to bring in Muslims, etc, etc.

The same with white supremacists and Nazis in the USA. On Stormfront angry Nazis discuss the ”Jewish” enablers of the ”Muslim invasion”. The antisemitic New Observer claim: Jews Push Muslim “Refugees” on US and Jews at “Forefront of Welcoming” Invasion. The KKK Grand Wizard David Duke states the same, as do ”Real Jew News”. And so on, and so forth.

The one person the Nazis and antisemitic alt-right hates more than any other Jew is the Hungarian-Jewish-American businessman George Soros. The antisemites claim that he funds the ”Muslim invasion”, as well as the opposition against Donald Trump, and everything else that they dont like.

It is troublesome that Breitbart claim the same thing. Soros funds the ”Muslim invasion” in USA and Europe, illegal immigration, and opposition to Trump, according to it. A coincidence? Hardly!

In this context it is troublesome that spokespersons of Breitbart downplays the threat of antisemitism constantly. Milo Yiannopoulos, a Catholic with Jewish descent, downplays ”white” antisemitism and even claim that antisemites are right(!). ”Jews run the banks, Hollywood and Media” (3:15), he states.

Iy is equally troublesome that he claims that all nazis and antisemites on the internet judt are spoiled kids that wants to provoke people. (7.00)

Many have described Steve Bannon as an antisemite. Many Jews are concerned about Bannon and Breitbart. It is understandable.

If you open the comment section of Breitbart you find much antisemitism. Both direct attacks on Jews and classical Jewish objects of hatred, like the Rotschild family. But the most striking thing is the hatred against George Soros and the insane number of comments by people that wants to shoot, strangle or hang him. (The comments below are a few examples of it from one article about Soros.)

Jews have many reasons to be worried about Steve Bannon and Breitbart.

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