Milo Yiannopoulos the Tender Hatemongerer

Milo Yiannopoulos, senior editor at Breitbart, was attacked by leftist radicals recently. After the attack Milo tried to portrait himself as a only a victim. But is it so? Or was it rather an attack by haters against another hater? With this article I have collected quotes from some of the articles by Milo. The quotes show that Milo regards ALL muslims as ”goatfuckers”, ”rapists”, ”murderers”, a ”threat”, ”terrorists”, and ”nazis”. Hardly something a ”loving” person would say.

Milo has a big fanclub worldwide. He is often described as a loving and kind person that does not hate anyone.

The film above has been posted on Facebook by several Conservatives and Liberals in Europe that like Milo. The idea is to show that Milo is no racist. He is a nice guy.

To counter that we need to look at what Milo himself say.

Milo himself is a strange person. He claims to be interested in the rights of homosexuals, but you never see him critizise his own church:The Catholic church, that are very much against homosexuals. He claims to be afraid of the ”Muslim rape culture” but makes fun of women that wants stronger laws agains rape and of Sweden that has perhaps the strongest laws in the world. He claims to be against racism but makes fun of people that feel offended by racism.

Later on I will analyze more in depth the strange worldview of Milo and his friends. In this article I just want to present the evidence that Milo is a person that is filled with hatred, and that he is a racist.

If you say that Islam is ALL evil you are a racist. You are no better than ISIS that believes that Christianity is all evil. And Milo does not stop there. He emphazises all the time that ALL MUSLIMS are evil. That is no better than the nazis, or ISIS, that claim that all Jews are evil. Or the claim that all homosexuals are evil.

So lets look at a few speeches.

”MILO: ¨’Muslims Are Like The Borg'”

He compares Islam to the evil Borgs in Star Trek. The headline Milo himself has choosed for this lecture is ”MILO: ¨’Muslims Are Like The Borg'”. Muslims, not only Islam.

We cite Wikipedia:

”The Borg are a fictional alien race that appear as recurring antagonists in the Star Trek franchise. The Borg are a collection of species that have been turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones in a hive mind called ”the Collective” or ”the Hive”. The Borg use a process called assimilation to force other species into the Collective”

Islam is ”cruel”, ”hideous”, like ”ISIS”. ”Islam is collectivist, you can see why so many leftists like it”. ”Islam is cultlike”. ”Islam is like the Borgs”… Islam can be ”compared to feminism”, both believe that you either ”have to conform or die”. ”Islam” is ”the primary threat to freedom… and to liberty”. All non islamic people are to be ”feared” Islam teaches.

”Rally for America”

Rally for America

Milo claims that all Syrian male refugees are terrorists and rapers.

We know from Wikileaks and other sources that Hillary Clinton truly plans to flood the country with Syrian Refugees.   I love that term, “Syrian refugee”.  It is a typically Clintonesque deception.

Most of these guys aren’t Syrian, and none of them are refugees.  Refugees are women, children, the elderly, and the sick.  These guys are young fighting age males looking for action — sexual action, terrorist action, maybe both…

We know Muslims hate everyone, they go out of their way to make that clear. Not even other Muslims are safe from them! But if we put together a top list of Muslim targets, it is Jews, Christians, women, and gays….

The women of America will be terrorized and victimized as they have been in Europe.  This isn’t rocket science.  This is the rape culture the nutty feminists have been whinging about…. If Hillary gets her way, Muslim immigrants will arrive along with their signature delicacies: lamb chops, yoghurt and gang-rape…

Now I must make one controversial statement– women will suffer terrible sexual atrocities at the hands of Muslims, but they will survive these encounters most of the time.  Muslims want to violate women, not kill them. Unfortunately for gays, Muslims have no compunction about slaughtering us…. What’s at stake is nothing less than the survival of western civilization. There’s a war on… There is no radical Islam. It’s just Islam…

Many on the left will call what I just said Islamophobia. Islamophobia, the irrational fear of Islam, is a nonsense term. The fear of the spread of Islam is very rational, and it is the President of the United States job to protect you in America and we throughout the west from it.

”Here’s Everything I Wanted To Say About Islam Yesterday, But Couldn’t”

Here’s Everything I Wanted To Say About Islam Yesterday, But Couldn’t

Milo claims that all Muslims are murderers amd terrorists, that especially wants to kill homosexuals.

America has a Muslim problem. Notice my wording carefully here. It isn’t a radical Muslim problem. It isn’t an ISIS problem, an Al Qaeda problem, a Taliban problem, or any of the Muslim terror groups that have sprung up in 2016. The terror attack on Saturday is an expression of mainstream Muslim values…

Let me give you a clue,  liberals — Muslims don’t just use rifles, they use bombs, airplanes and knives, they like did in Paris Monday night. They will use anything to kill the hated “infidels.” …

Gays and Lesbians must have the mindset of the Jews that fought so many hard conflicts against muslim aggressors in the past. They realized they had sat and watched while Germany committed unspeakable atrocities against their people. They said Never Again and meant it.

Today is the LGBT community’s chance to say Never Again. Never Again will we allow Muslims to slaughter us, and never again will we support politicians who enable despicable terrorists to commit these senseless crimes.

I’ve Found the Perfect Job for All These Poor Jihadist Refugees

I’ve Found the Perfect Job for All These Poor Jihadist Refugees

Milo once again claim that all Syrian refugees are jihadists. ”Radical Islamic jihadists — or “Syrian refugees,” as the mainstream media likes to call them”… He then equals feminists to jihadists.

One of the kinks we had to work out is what our jihadis should do with themselves once settled. After all, cleaning and oiling a Kalashnikov takes a mere eleven minutes, and harassing the local populace to the point they are afraid to enter the neighborhood is a hobby, not a career choice. Likewise the rape of local schoolchildren and stealing from corner shops.

Where in the west could we possibly find an appropriate workplace for these otiose thugs? One which values oppressive fanaticism, does not tolerate speech outside of specific and carefully-groomed lines of thought and which relies on intimidation to prevent the spread of illicit ideas?

Well it’s a lot easier question than you think. We will plonk them down in the gender, racial equality, and diversity offices on university campuses.

If you think about it, the similarities between these two groups are stunning. Both like to communicate by shrilly screaming the same thing over and over, with no thought behind the words. Whether it’s “Black Lives Matter!” or “Allahu Akbar!” both groups have a fondness for yelling mindless slogans while committing acts of violence and larceny.

Both believe in turning back hundreds of years of social progress; campus diversity goons to avoid “offending” anyone, and the jihadists for… whatever religious grounds they are claiming this week justifies acid in young girls’ faces or the hanging of homosexuals. Both accomplish their goals by creating a culture of fear in which raising one’s voice can result in expulsion, charges in a kangaroo court, or worse.

Jihadists are the only people outside of the radical feminist coven who agree that a global invisible patriarchy is holding women down. Sure, they differ on whether that is a bad thing, but mutual belief is a start isn’t it? (And besides, modern feminism is so totally insane there’s good reason to think it is solidifying male power by alienating ordinary women from the cause.)

They also fully buy into the idea of rape culture, which feminists are finding it harder and harder to sell in the West. Theres a bit of disagreement on the negativity of this topic, too, but I doubt the feminists will complain as each campus becomes a miniature Sweden in terms of rape statistics.

MILO: On His First Day, Trump Could Stop More Ohio States from Happening

MILO: On His First Day, Trump Could Stop More Ohio States from Happening

All Muslims are terrorists and all Muslims are ”oppressors”, Milo claim.

Trump has consistently recognized threats to America before they happen. He predicted that Muslim refugees would be a problem long before this attack, and he was talking about the threat of Islam long before Omar Mateen’s attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando…

We should help those fleeing terror and oppression in the Middle East. But that is the polar opposite of the Left’s suicidal refugee policy, which bring the radicals and the oppressors in alongside the genuine victims.

Donald Trump must freeze Muslim immigration until a proper vetting system is in place. (Or, you know, just freeze it forever.) If he does not, there will be more terror on America’s streets in the years to come.

10 Things Milo Hates About Islam

10 Things Milo Hates About Islam

Islam is… hilarious… Their outfits are hilarious. Ridiculous. Is there anything more comically sinister than the sight of a herd of women swathed in black bedsheets? (…)

Is there anything more richly amusing than the crybully faux-victimhood of those who worry about “islamophobia” and hijab-pulling in the wake of terror attacks that leave dozens dead?  (…)

Muslims do far more than offend feminists, or offend women. They’re actually enslaving them, forcing them into marriages, slashing their genitals — which, unlike the male genitalia, aren’t improved by a little trim.

Muslims think they own women to such a degree, that they think women who wear shirts above their ankles in European countries are fair game to be raped…

You’ve got a religion, in Islam, that not only bans alcohol, but bans bacon too. At least Jews are sensible enough to ban just one of those things…

If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile, and rape everything inside it. And they won’t stop spreading…

We hear a lot about moderate Muslims, but in practice we don’t see them. All the moderate Muslims I know are ex-Muslims, or haven’t been to Friday prayers for months, or even years…

The entire world loves Malala, the Nobel Prize winning champion of education for girls.  But look at her opinion, which passes in the media as moderate: “The more you speak about Islam and against all Muslims, the more terrorists we create.”

So Malala’s opinion is if we all just shut up and did what Islam wants, which is to submit, they wouldn’t need to shoot us, stab us, or blow us up.

Criticise us and we will kill you for your bad words. Great to know a Nobel prize winner has this sort of vision. I can’t be the only person who reads that and takes it not as an exhortation to peace, but as a threat… Since Islam views God as a non-rational tyrant, the religion naturally tends to produce bloodthirsty, irrational tyranny – a category that nicely covers ISIS, the Taliban, and many other Islamic regimes…

More examples

MILO at WCU: ”Muslims and Feminists Both Hate Free Speech”. ”Islam is a hillarious religion. The women looks ridiculous”

MILO: When In Rome, Muslims Rape Everyone And Claim Welfare”. The muslim refugees that are coming to Germany ”are 22 year old men ready to fuck and fight”. ”Migrants are overwhelmingly fighting age men”. ”Muslims have NO plans to fit in the culture”. They want to bend the knees of western civilization the way they always have, with swords and fire”.

Political Correctness Makes Race and Genetics Taboo in the West, Which is Why China is Winning

Political Correctness Makes Race and Genetics Taboo in the West, Which is Why China is Winning

One last example to show that Milo indeeed is a racist.

As the New York Review of Books put it, in its coverage of Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, there is now a “statistical sense” in which races are real… Wade doesn’t shy away from the disquieting implications of his theories: our genes, he says, could explain why some countries are wealthy while others languish in penury.

In fact, the more we discover about ourselves from genomics, the more it becomes apparent that science and ideology are on a collision course.  Why? Because it’s totally unacceptable to say in public these days that different races might have different behavioural characteristics, and that those characteristics might be genetically determined… even though that’s the way the science seems to be pointing…

To be fair, it’s easy to understand why researchers get cagey. The all-consuming cult of equality struggles with any suggestion that social behaviours might be genetically determined: that habits and predilections might have diverged along with skin colour. No scientist wants to be responsible for research that justifies crude observations about white sexual mores or black dietary preferences.

It’s one thing to say that tribal cultures have smaller trust circles; quite another to say that science can explain why black people smoke menthol cigarettes, or why Asians are good at maths. (Or, for that matter, why people with ginger hair are less sexually attractive.)…

These examples serve to illustrate what a touchy subject genomics is, even for the scientists and science writers who in other circumstances–for example, in their crusades against religion–demand that evidence should be followed wherever it may lead.

It is a common theme in other speeches and writings of Milo:

IQ, an imperfect measure of lots of things but a reliable guide to genius, is 60 to 80 per cent heritable

Well. Guess what the readers thought about the text about race and genetics and China? The comment section of Breitbart was filed with hate against black people and jews. And it was implied that Clobal Warming and the ”ban” against race-science had the same origin.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Milo Yiannopoulos is spreading a hatred that is no different from the hatred the Nazis spread in the 20s and 30s. It is a kind of hatred that you can compare to the hatred in Nazi magazines like Der Sturmer.