The Mufti, the Muslims and the Nazis

Were the muslims and the nazis ”equal partners” in the holocaust against the Jews? According to Breitbart it was so.

Many radical Muslims where antisemites in the 30s and 40s. This was something the Nazis viewed as an opportunity to gain strategic advantage in the Middle East in its war against the British. During World War 2 the Nazis tried to make Muslims revolt against the British and succeeded to insitigate rebellions on many places in the Middle East.

As a part of the attempt to instigate rebellions Adolf Hitler received the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini and some other regional Arab leaders in Berlin. The Mufti actively helped Hitler with many things. One of them to create armed units of SS volonteers in Bosnia. After the war the ardent antisemite Al-Husseini played a crucial role in the fight against Israel. A fight he himself viewed as a fight against the Jews.

That is no secret. But the islamophobes claim that there was a ”special relationship” between the muslims and Hitler. Breitbart has often written about this. In 2010 they even published an article written by Pamela Geller on the subject. In it Geller claimed that the Mufti of Jerusalem was more than an ally of the Nazis, he was ”the Architect of the Holocaust”.

I have found that the Mufti was involved in and may even have created the Final Solution for European Jews – and yet his central participation in the Holocaust has been covered up and forgotten…

The denial about the key role that this Muslim leader played in the Holocaust must end. The only difference between Hitler and the Mufti is that Hitler was defeated and punished…

There is no statute of limitations on genocide. I indict the Mufti and the Muslim world. They were equal partners in mass death. Not only does the ummah not own what they did (let alone, G-d forbid, apologize, as the Germans have done repeatedly), but they are still pursuing the annihilation of the Jews (not to mention all non-believers).

According to this myth Hitler got the idea to exterminate the Jews from the Muslims. Hitler loved the muslims more than all others, they claim, and he was inspired by Muslim ”ideology”.

The Nordic frenzy

This is more than a lie, this is in fact holocaust denial.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were in touch with many groups of people, not only Arab nationalists. The Nazis collaborated with Ukrainan nationalists, Spanish nationalists, Indian nationalists (Like the Indian legion), Greek nationalists, Armenian nationalists, Serbian nationalists, Georgian nationalists, as well as many other groups from many nationalities.

As a Swede I have read a lot about the Swedish volonteers in the SS. The Division Viking was regarded by Hitler and Himmler as the elite among the foreign troops and in it there were Danes, Finns, Norwegians, Swedes and Dutch SS volonteers.

Why were they regarded as the ”elite”? Well if you know anything at all about the Nazis you know that they were fascinated about the so called ”Nordic race”, or ”Aryan race”. The ideal human beings were not Arabs in the eyes of Hitler and the Nazis, the ideal humans were the blond, long Nordic, Aryan ”heroes”.

ladda-ned-1 In the slideshow below you can see two articles from the Norwegian daily Aftenposten during the war. N0rway was occupied and led by another gang the Nazis collaborated with, the Norwegian party led by the famous Vidkun Quisling. The articles are from 1942 and details how the Nazis tried to start a rebellion in the Middle East against the British. You can see a picture of the Mufti sitting together with Hitler too.

The collaborators of the Nazis in Norway were so ardent Nazis that the word quisling today is a word that means criminal collaborator.  This is a Norwegian recruitment poster from the war. ”Be a Wiking, join SS” is the implied message it transmits.

So what about the Muslims?

Well Pamela Geller is wrong. If you read the works of Hitler, Rosenberg, Goebbels and the other nazi leaders and if you study their magazines and newspapers, like Der Sturmer and Volkishe Beobachter, you find almost no evidence that the Nazis ever ”copied” the ideas of the Muslims. They persecuted the Jews and murdered them long before the Mufti ever had sat his foot on German soil, and without any mentioning of Muslims at all. Except for occasional articles praising Arab extremist terror against the Jews in Palestine.

And, besides that.There were tens of thousand soldiers that fought on the Allied side during the war.

The racism of Breitbart and Pamela Geller is exposed in the fact that they claim that ALL muslims were collectively guilty of the Holocaust, as well as the Nazis. All muslims? Even those that helped the Allies, one might ask?

To claim that the Muslims were behind the Holocaust as insane as when antisemites claim that Zionists and Freemasons were the REAL architects of the Holocaust. And it is equally much Holocaust denial as that.

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Pamela Geller

As for Geller she wrote this about the same time as she wrote the article on the Muslims and Hitler.

”And I pray dearly that in the ungodly event that Tehran or its jihadi proxies (Hez’ballah, Hamas etc) target Israel with a nuke, that she retaliate with everything she has at Tehran, Mecca, and Medina……………”

She prayed that hundred of thousand Jews would be nuked and killed, so that millions of muslims would be killed in retaliation strikes. Sounds like a plan, right?