The Breitbart Comment Section: a Study in Hatred

If you want to find out how Breitbart influences its readers you should look at the comment section of the Breitbart articles. Breitbart often defends its comment section as ”democratic”. It lets all people ”have their say”, it is claimed. But what do you find when looking at the section: hatred, racism and often calls for murder and violence. That is what the readers of Breitbart have to ”say”. We will look at one such comment section today.

Breitbart wrote an article after the attack on the mosque in Quebec some days ago. The article has not been updated since and as it still implies that the terrorists that attacked the mosque were Muslims. However, the gunman was not a Muslim. He was a rightwing extremist that hate Islam. His name was Alexandre Bissonnette; a supporter of Donald Trump.

Alexandre Bissonnette used social media much to argue for his ideas. He was a typical ”net troll” that frequently visited comment sections of papers and newsmedia, massmedia reports. But Breitbart does not mention that in the article.

So lets take a look at the comment section of the article and on the Breitbart Facebookpage?


As usual it is filled with hatred.

Some say that the murder of muslims is not bad news at all. And some wants to buy the shooter a beer. Some persons that still claims that the shooter must have been Muslim find it hard to see the difference between the victims and the terrorist. Others believe that the Muslims wants a war with the USA.



The comment section is filled with claims that muslims were behind the attack, even after it was revealed that the terrorist was a white Trump supporter. Many claim that it was a false flag operation with the intent to smear Trump. Generally most that adds their comment to the article find it suitable to show just how much they hate muslims, and lots of hatred is directed against the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Some wants to kill Trudeau, because he is a Muslim mole.



Do you think that the hatred only is directed against Muslims? Then you are wrong. The comment section is often filled with hatred against Jews too. A white nationalist that happens to like Trump attacks Muslims in a mosque in Canada and of course the comment section if filled with hatred against the Jewish-Hungarian-American businessman George Soros and other Jews like the Rotschild family.
Soros must have been behind the attack in Quebec several people claim.

The comment section of newspapers, what is in it and what is allowed to be published in it, reveals much about the real intent of the publishers. It also very clearly shows how the articles it publishes influences its readers.

There are many similaritues between the comment section of Breitbart and the comment section of the nazi press in Germany in the 30s. Especially between it and the nazi paper Der Sturmer. The nazi genocide did not start with murder, it started when the objects of hatred weredehumanized. It started when rumours were spread and when all Jews were blamed for the real or falsely fabricated wrongdoings of a few Jews.

A few examples

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The author do not in any way claim that ”islamophobia is the new antisemitism”. The author is very well aware that hatred against jews is a BIG problem today, and that antisemitism is growing worldwide. However: antisemitism and islamophobia are related to each other. The same racist myths that are spread about Jews are also spread about Muslims, often with very little changes.